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No more Storck RIESEN please – the Storck contest

Numerous companies have halted their business with Russia, at least restricted and reduced it, or – like “Obi” home improvement store chain – abandoned it directly. German confectionery manufacturer Storck remains stubborn and silent.

This Post is available in German: 2 Schlümpfe, 3 Apfelringe, 2 Colakracher, 1 Maus, 2 Colaflaschen, 1 Schlange und 1 Capri-Sonne bitte – aber bloß keine Storck Riesen

The family-owned german company Storck, which is said to be debt-free, is No. 2 in Germany among confectionery manufacturers behind Ferrero, makes billions in sales and says, “In 2019, we achieved the goal we’ve been striving for for years, which is for Toffifee to be Germany’s best-selling praline and chocolate specialty, not only by volume but also by sales.”

Toffifee – they sell them in Russia, too. And Merci. And Mamba. And, of course, those Werther’s Original. And they continue to do so. Despite the war of aggression against Ukraine, despite the most disgusting Russian propaganda, despite threats against the West. Storck has its own company in Russia – in Moscow – Storck LLC in building 1, 10th floor, Business Center Vivaldi Plaza. In the Hall of Shame at Yale University, Storck receives an F. The F stands for “Defying Demands for Exit or Reduction of Activities – Companies that are just continuing business-as-usual in Russia…”.

An F is given to companies that resist demands to exit or reduce operations – companies that simply continue as before in Russia. (A list of German companies on the Yale “Hall of Shame” as of 04/17/2022 can be found here or you can research for yourself and your country).

For a brand that claims to be part of our world, part of the family, this is particularly disgraceful.

Storck – Part of Your World? Noooo …

So far, the media in Germany have not covered the story around Storck and its business in Russia. Handelsblatt (german newspaper) mentioned Storck once very briefly in an article about the Yale list. But that was it. In contrast to Metro, which has publicly stated that it feels obliged as part of the food industry to supply Russian supermarkets – how about free food for Ukrainian refugees as compensation, Metro? – Storck has so far not said a word about Ukraine and Russia and the war.

We thought we’d change that with the media coverage – and you help out. Funnily enough, Storck provides an image generator on their website with which you can design your own Merci pack.

You can upload image, enter text… for example like this:

And nothing could be more obvious than to make a contest out of it.

So go to (available in French and Germand, sorry), upload your image, enter the text, download the PDF and convert it into an image – or take a screenshot of the preview.

Design your protest pack and post it on Twitter as a reply to our tweet ( or on Mastodon under the toot with the hashtag #StorckNotPartOfMyWorld, send it by mail – – or upload it anonymously on Share – – and post the link in the comments.

And print out the PDF and display it in the markets, send it to Storck.

Be creative, be bad, be Anonymous!


The works of our followers and readers so far – nice:


Storck took the generator for merci packs offline. It is not available anymore.

Even more disgraceful.