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War in Ukraine – stay in touch

In wars, the first casualty is always the truth, followed immediately by restrictions on reporting via the Internet … we try to help

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War in Ukraine – there are currently a bunch of journalists on the ground, CNN, for example, reports from different places with different correspondents. For local journalists, it is not always easy to stay up to date and keep in touch with Ukranians. The Russians will soon begin to dry up the channels to distribute Putin’s drivel and Fake News.

We are happy to provide our three services

  • Collab
  • Share and
  • Drop

for this.

We have expanded AnonLeaks Drop – for tipsters from Ukriane

Our tipster platform Drop is designed to allow anyone to give us tips, submit documents or videos without having to expose themselves or their data.

In times when communication options are likely to be limited, our Drop can be used for tips on the Ukraine war.

As of today, Drop has a separate “Ukraine War” category. This category treats reports differently in the sense that they are made available and attributed to a different set of recipients. We do not want to act as a middleman, the separate treatment of the category allows us to grant access to journalists. Journalists will then see only the reports uploaded for “Ukraine War” in the context of Ukraine, but not those intended for us.

Of course, we don’t know if such an offer will be accepted, neither by the Ukrainian side nor by the journalists’ side, but if nothing is offered, nothing will be used.

So journalists, activists, guerrillas in Ukraine … and international journalists: go wild, use the services as backup or whatever.

Drop is available at and as a hidden service:


Share and Collab – more tools from Anonymous

Share, accessible via, allows Ukrainians to share files in a fully encrypted way with people here. Encryption and decryption is done automatically during upload and download, the necessary keys are only included in the link that is sent to the recipient. Share is of course available in several languages and as a hidden service. You can change the language in the menu.

Share als hidden service


With Collab, accessible via, international collaboration on shared spreadsheets, rich text documents, etc. is possible. Collab documents are fully encrypted, the keys are only available to those who have the share link. In addition, it is possible to set up teams, restrict access and password protect documents separately. Share is of course available in several languages and can also be used via Tor. You can change the language at the bottom of the footer.

Never forget – our services are secure, anonymous and free of charge.

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